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Les coulisses


In Paris, at Olivier de Serres art school and Arts Décoratifs National school (ENSAD), I learn the many facets of Design. After savouring every minute of my studies, I set up as a freelance textile designer. I start out in the big brands where everything is handmade (Roche Bobois, D.Porthault, Lelièvre, Kenzo Maison, René Derhy, etc). I delight in switching from interior design to fashion. I design wallpaper, bedspreads, tableware but also leather clutch bags, embroidered dresses and woven coats.

To start with, my flat was my workshop. It was a type of creative laboratory… with paint splatters on the walls and beads and sequins covering the carpet!

I joined KENZO’s creative team and for several years created all kinds of prints and patterns. I flourish in the colourful, floral universe which is the brand’s strength. Then I meet a certain embroidered tiger which I quickly adopt and design many little brothers for him…!

It is this last experience, my passion for travelling and my love of colour which made me want to embroider my own designs and make them into jewellery.

Today, I draw, I create and I embroider, from the top of my workshop nestled in the rooftops.



L’Honorable is a brand of couture jewellery created as a collection of precious and personal trinkets, like a cabinet of curiosities.

L’Honorable jewellery is made for women who are as elegant as they are daring, refined yet playful. They love nature but flourish in the heart of the city. They are real urban princesses! Sweet Pauline, sparkling Ernestine and the extravagant Paola were my muses. Today my jewellery is named after them. They are each different but have in common a taste for the exceptional, for handmade creations which take time, devotion and passion.


Botany, and flora and fauna in general, are my favourite subjects. At every stage of creation, they are a rich, wonderful source of inspiration. But it doesn’t stop me being a happy city dweller and, through my travels, I fell in love with the hectic life of the big cities of Asia. The buzz excites and encourages me. I adore the exuberance and folklore of the night markets, I find a sort of poetic beauty in the ordinariness of the stands. In India, the art of beautifying everyday life comes naturally and I would like my jewellery to do likewise.



L’Honorable jewellery is entirely handmade with patience, love and attention to every detail. Treat it with care and it will stay with you for years.

It doesn’t like soap or perfume. It prefers to lounge by the side of the swimming pool or on the hot sand rather than go in the water.

But, since life is full of little surprises, if something happens to your broach or the clasp of your necklace breaks, L’Honorable also does repairs (as much as possible of course!).


The Honorable is a brand of Couture Jewelry thought of as a collection of precious objects.
Between botanical inspiration and amused superstition, the grigris, ex-voto, flowers and birds of this new collection form a joyful cabinet of curiosity.
These exceptional pieces are entirely hand-embroidered.
The materials and color ranges used bring fantasy and audacity to this traditional and complex technique.
Silver and cotton threads intertwine lovingly, glass beads rub shoulders with Swarovski crystals and silver sequins. Neon touches awaken metallic tones and pastels.

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